Light Wall

This is my latest work done for the Raganath Family. This light wall art feature serves as the major focal point in their outdoor space. It can also be viewed directly from their living room inside of the house, which is always a bonus when designing landscapes. This was a concept inspired by nature. I wanted to tie into and play off of the existing towering redwoods. The wall is build from redwood and the emblem in the center out of patina copper.  I also incorporated some outdoor lighting directly behind the wall and accent lighting to the sitting rocks in front and custom copper art on the walls. In front of the wall light feature is a quartzite flagstone patio. The sitting boulders were built simply by placing granite rocks on top of each other. I wanted to go primitive and simple with these as well as with the fire pit which was made by using an ancient and basic simple of stacking a row of rocks in a circular pattern. The wall are was was made from patina copper and framed with true 2x redwood material, again tying into the existing redwood trees and light wall. The landscaping utilizes all California Native plants to coincide with the redwood trees. Overall, I throughly enjoyed working on this landscape installation. I can't wait to build another custom designed light wall!