After a Consultation,
we can provide you with a

Here's what we offer and the process...


An Overhead Plan is a 2-dimensional drawing that shows a bird’s eye view of the outdoor space. Included in the Overhead Plan are:   
• Details and specs of materials to be used  
• Irrigation specs (system and materials) 
• Plant legend  

Mood Board: This is a visual illustration of the style of products and materials that will be proposed for use in the outdoor space. This is a great reference tool to help in selecting finishes and items that stay within your desired style for the spaces. 
Conceptual Drawings: Hand drawn 2-point perspective drawing of the outdoor space. This drawing will help to show what the space will look like within the proposed design. 
Planting Scheme Plan: This is a visual illustration of photo’s of the plants that will be proposed for use in the outdoor space. It will show the location of these plants in reference to the overhead plan. 


1. An In-Person or Online Consultation will take       place, then one of our representatives will           measure your outdoor space. 
2. Then we will begin the preliminary design.           Once the preliminary design is complete,
    a meeting will be held to discuss the concepts
    laid out in the preliminary design. Any
    changes or revisions will be noted here. 
3. After the preliminary design meeting, a final
   design will be drawn. 
4. A final meeting will be held to discuss the
   design. The final design will be emailed to you
   in PDF form.

For more information, email us or fill out the Consultation Form and we will contact you.